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FINNIX:Legal App Lend in 5 Min APK is a free app listed in Finance Apps. It is very easy to install FINNIX:Legal App Len

FINNIX is a 100% legal digital lending app developed by MONIX Co., Ltd. under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand both Nano Finance and Personal loan. Serving every need for instant money as the revolving loan, anyone can now apply for the credit line easily by themselves via FINNIX application anywhere 24/7.

FINNIX offers a revolving virtual credit line with the open-ended line duration that you can choose to pay minimum or from 3 to max 60 months of installments in each billing cycle*

Why Choosing FINNIX?
1. Enjoy the maximum open-ended credit line of 100,000 or up to 1.5 million baht*
2. Get the money instantly in 5 minutes anywhere, anytime
3. Irresistible monthly interest rate of 2.75% (equivalent to 33% APR or annual percentage rate) for FINNIX BEWINGED and as low as 4.99% APR up to 24.99% APR for FINNIX IGNITE
4. No hidden fees: no prepayment fee, no front-end fee, no stamp duty fee
5. No collateral and no guarantor are required
6. Worry-free repayment plans: pay minimum as low as only the interest, or pay in installment (up to 60 months)*

*criteria per product

Example of Loan Calculation for FINNIX BEWINGED:
If the credit limit is approved and you borrow 10,000 Baht

The amount of money you will receive into your bank account = 10,000 Baht

On March 1, you choose 3-month installment as your repayment plan and choose to pay on every 1st of the month

On April 1, you need to pay = 3,518.32 Baht (with the principal = 3,238.05 Baht, and the accrued 31-day interest = 10,000*33%*31/365 = 280.27 Baht). The remaining principal is 6,761.95 Baht

On May 1, you need to pay = 3,518.32 Baht (with the principal = 3,334.92 Baht, and the accrued 30-day interest = 6,761.95 *33%*30/365 = 183.40 Baht.) The remaining principal is 3,427.03 Baht

On June 1, you need to pay = 3,523.08 Baht (with the principal = 3,427.03 Baht, and the accrued 31-day interest = 3,427.03 *33%*31/365 = 96.05 Baht.) The remaining principal is 0 Baht

In summary, the total payment = 10,559.72 Baht with the total interest (calculated at 33% APR) = 559.72 Baht from the principal of 10,000 Baht

Want to Learn More about FINNIX?
– Official Website:
– Product Sale Sheet:
– Privacy Policy:
– MONIX Call Center: 02-113-1113 Monday – Sunday (9.00 -18.00 hrs.)
– Facebook Page:

Ready to unleash your financial power with FINNIX? Download the app now!

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