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Trailquest is a target audiences based messaging network, which enables you to anonymously connect with groups of strang

Trailquest is a target audiences’ based messaging network, which enables you to anonymously connect with groups of strangers you define by: Interests, location (current or past), age, gender and nationality.

“Friends will walk with you on the same path.
Strangers will pave with you a new trail”.

Use Trailquest to share ideas, thoughts, advice and to create location-based relationships with relevant people who can help you right now.

In fact, each invitation to a conversation, is a chance to pave a trail with strangers you have something in common with.
That’s why we call each message – A TRAIL.


Trailquest is a social messaging network that emphasizes relevant communications.
Use it’s simple tools to define the audience you want to connect with, according to:

Select relevant tags according to the topic of the trail you’re about to send, and set your favorite tags related to the topics on which you’ll like to receive invitations.

Gender: women, men or everybody.
Age: select between 16-100.
Nationality: any nationality. (Regardless of physical location at a certain time).

Send a trail to the people who are now, or were at a specific time in the past, at a certain place.
For example, people who were in Holland last may 24.
Use the Trends-Map to view or join public trails, depending the location on the map and filtered by relevant tags you pick.


An invitation to a public trail will be sent only to people from your target audience, and other users will be able to join them via trends map.
An invitation to a private trail will be sent only to people from your target audience, and nobody else has an access to it.


Since we believe in complete transparency, and know how your privacy is important to you, we enable you to control over the information you share anytime.

Also, in order to preserve an appropriate level of discourse, we’ve developed a filtering algorithm which identify activities that deviate from the rules, and block users if necessary!


Use Google+ or Facebook account in order to use Trailquest tools.
When you create a Trail, you can choose to send it anonymously or not.
If you choose to send the trail anonymously, your account information will never appear anywhere, and access to your profile will not be allowed to anyone.

If you choose to expose your identity, your name and picture will appear on the invitation to your trail, and your target audience will have access to your public Google+ / Facebook profile.


You can’t stop thinking about that cute one you’ve met at the bar last night?
Send a nice Trail to all the women or men, who were at that bar last night. Maybe Trailquest will help the fate strike this time!

Dealing with a sensitive crisis and there is no one around who really understands?
Send a trail to individuals with relevant interests, and perhaps someone will give you an advice based on their personal experience.

Stuck without gas? Your dog ran away? Need something from your neighbors?
Send a trail to the people who are around you now, and ask for help!

Traveling alone in India and wish to find someone from your country?
Just send a Trail to all the people with the desired nationality, and who are currently located in your area.

There are endless reasons to communicate with target audiences!
Now, with Trailquest you can!

Join us, because only together we’ll manage to build a world in which effective communication is possible like never before! A world managed by cross-fertilization between people, that can empower humanity as a whole!
Download now and start paving trails with strangers. You won’t believe how much you have in common!

Download APK(2.1.31)

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